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AutoRenu 2 Day Training 

Tesla Vehicle Readiness Training Class Information (On Site Training)

Thank you for your interest in the AutoRenu hosted Tesla Vehicle Readiness Training & Education Course. This training will be performed at your location on a pre agreed upon date between on site management and our AutoRenu team. No limit to number of attendees but all attendance must be available for both days of training to receive full instruction. 

Note: All invoices must be submitted 2 weeks prior to training date. 


This two-day, intensive course is built to educate full time Professional Vehicle Readiness Technicians, newly hired employees with little to no experience, and everyone in-between. Each Technician that fully completes this course will receive a completion certificate to display, letting customers and management know you are trained to use such Products, Tools & Techniques successfully by AutoRenu Tesla partnership. 




Class Outline* - Two Day Course


Day 1:

9:00 AM   -  Instructor Set up time

9:30 AM   - Instructor/Trainee Introductions, AutoRenu Tesla Catalog 

9:45 AM   - Product Overview, Chemistry, Dilution, 

10:00AM  - Importance of Organization, Cart Set Ups, Towel Management, Chemical Preparation & Labeling 

10:30 AM - Safety, OSHA Compliance

11:30 AM - Break for lunch 

12:30 PM - Hands on Vehicle Wash Process with Water, Without Water

1:15 PM   - Glass Cleaning, Interior Cleaning, Adhesive Removal, Exterior Dressings, Final Wipe

2:00 PM   - End of day 1


Day 2:

9:00 AM  - Overview of Compounds, Polishes, Waxes & Sealants

9:15 AM  - Overview of Microfiber Pads, Foam Pads & Wool Pads

9:30 AM  - Overview of Sandpaper, Sanding tools & Sanding Techniques

9:45 AM  - Break 

10:00 AM  - Hands on Paint Correction Training using various techniques & tools 

11:00 AM - Hands on Wet Sanding 

11:30 AM - Break for Lunch 

12:30 PM - Full Hands on Start to Finish Vehicle Ready for Delivery Process as a Team 

1:15 PM   - Technician Questions, Final Overview, Ordering Process 

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